The Research Institute of Science and Technology is a private institution governed by its Board of Directors. Its mission is to enhance science and newest technologies. With our projects we support the running of the Institute and support young scientists in Eastern European and Mediterranean countries. 


The institute has several research groups which focus on the following areas of research: mathematics, computational sciences, power systems, cloud computing, finance, coding theory, cryptography, etc. 

Funded by a variety of research and educational grants, and support from industry, the institute has a variety of research activities in United States, Europe, and Mediterranean countries.  


Outreach is one of the three pillars of RISAT. We offer many courses for high school students, college students, have a fellowship program for doctoral students who want to study in USA, organize conferences to many countries, and support most of our research activities with the help from our sponsors and private donations.

Cybersecurity in Metro Detroit 

We run workshops and training sessions for engineers and mathematicians who want to learn about elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography. Feel free to contact us for more information.


    RISAT has hosted a wide array of  research conferences worldwide.  We organize conferences mostly in mathematics but proposals for other areas are welcomed as well. 
    Our members have organized NATO ASI, special sessions of the AMS, international conferences (ACA 2010), etc.   For more information on recent conferences click here
    The following page has more conferences in algebra/algebraic geometry.


Algebraic Curves Database

A database of genus 2 and genus 2 hyperelliptic curves which contains more than 2 million curves defined over Q, their automorphism groups, invariants, conductor, etc.  Click on the picture to go directly to the database.


Michigan Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry

MCAG group is a network of algebraic geometers in Michigan and surrounding areas in order to encourage collaboration, exploration of new applications, and stronger connections to industry.

The group organizes yearly conferences in different Michigan institutions, training sessions for students, and encourage collaboration among different mathematics departments from Michigan.