The Albanian Institute of Mathematics is a private institution governed by its Board of Directors. Its mission is to enhance mathematics in Albania. Individuals who are interested to receive updates about our activities should fill the following form. 


The institute has several research groups which focus on the following areas of research: mathematics, computational sciences, coding theory, cryptography, mathematics education, computational linguistics, etc.  Anybody who is interested in any cooperation is encouraged to contact individual members directly. 

Mathematics Education

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One of our main goals is to help with curriculum development in all levels in Albania. We have undertaken the task of revising and republishing most of the texts   of mathematics used in middle school and high school in Albania. More information can be found here. 


AIM members have organized a wide array of  research conferences worldwide, such as 
  • NATO ASI, Ohrid Macedonia (2014)
  • Nato ASI, Vlora, Albania (2008)
  • Applications of Computer Algebra, ACA 2010, Vlora 2009. 
and many special sessions of the American Math. Soc. or other conferences in their own institution. For more information on recent conferences click here

Project Galois 

Project Galois includes publication of undergraduate and graduate level texts in algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry and related areas. 


The Institute publishes the only Albanian research journal in mathematics, the Albanian Journal of Mathematics.  The journal is in its XI year of publication and has published over 150 research articles.  It is indexed by MathSciNet and ZbMath. More information can be found by clicking in the logo.


We have a large database of Albanian researchers and graduate students in Albania and abroad. We distribute by email a news bulletin every two months. If you like to receive this news bulletin, have full access to the issues of the Albanian J. Math, or keep in touch with mathematicians in Albania, please fill this form. 

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