Research Institute of Science and technology is a public institution governed by its Board of Directors. Its mission is to enhance science and technology in Albania by increasing collaboration among institutions of higher learning in Albania and all Albanian researchers abroad. 


The institute has several research groups which focus on the different projects.  For more detailed information of our current activities see the link below. 
Anybody who is interested in any cooperation is encouraged to contact individual members directly. 


Our group collaborates with many researchers in Albania and abroad. We are part of a network of research groups from Greece, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, and USA. 

We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institutin e Studimeve për Krimet dhe pasojat e Komunizmit.

The coopoeration between the two Institutes extends in joint grants, training courses, joint conferences, sponsoring students from families who have been vicimized by the Communis Government in Albania and other activities. 


AIM members have organized a wide array of  research conferences worldwide, such as 
and many special sessions of the American Math. Soc. or other conferences in their own institution. For more information on recent conferences click here

Project Galois 

Project Galois includes publication of undergraduate and graduate level texts in algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry and related areas. 

We have complete textbooks in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Abstract Algebra. 


The Institute publishes the only Albanian research journal in mathematics, the Albanian Journal of Mathematics.  The journal is in its XI year of publication and has published over 150 research articles.  It is indexed by MathSciNet and ZbMath. More information can be found by clicking in the logo or by going to the website of the journal at

For archives of the journal go to:  archives.albanian-j-math.com


The institute has its own repository at repo.risat.org. Interested individuals or institutions who would like to use this repository to post their work or host their journals can contact us.