Tony Shaska

Office: 546 Mathematics Science Center
Address: Department of Mathematics, Oakland University,
Rochester, MI. 48309, USA.

E-mail: shaska[at]
MR Author Id: 678224

Curriculum Vitae

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Currently my research activities are focused on: For current preprints see Papers

Teaching Schedule

Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Fall 2021 Winter 2022
MTH 2775: Linear Algebra MTH 2775: Linear Algebra MTH 2775: Linear Algebra MTH 2775: Linear Algebra
MTH 5771: Graduate Algebra I MTH 5772 Graduate Algebra II MTH 4775 Abstract Algebra I MTH 4776 Abstract Algebra II



I am an editor for the Albanian Journal of Mathematics. The journal started in 2007 and has been published continuously since. It is reviewed by both MathSciNet and zbmath .

Interested authors can send papers to me or any member of the Editorial Board. The reviewing process is about 3 months and the papers are posted online as soon as they are accepted. For more information go to the journal website or contact me directly.

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