Tony Shaska

Tony Shaska

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Oakland University
146 Library Drive
Rochester, MI. 48309

Office: 546 Mathematics Science Center
E-mail: shaska[at]
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MTH 2775: Linear Algebra

Catalog Description

Study of general vector spaces, linear systems of equations, linear transformations and compositions, Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization, modeling and orthogonality. Provides a transition to formal mathematics.

Winter 2022

The course is online. Lectures are scheduled on

MWF: 13:20-14:27

Lectures will be held on zoom and videos will be available throughout the semester. While attendance is not mandatory and videos will be provided to everyone regardless of whether they attend live lectures or not, I recommend you attend live lectures. Detailed information will be provided during the first day of classes.


Tentative syllabus

Materials needed


  1. A quick review of analytic geometry, vectors in space.
  2. Euclidean spaces, linear systems.
  3. Vector spaces
  4. Linear transformations
  5. Determinants, eigenvalues, eigenvectors
  6. Inner spaces and orthogonality
  7. Symmetric matrices