Tony Shaska

Tony Shaska

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Oakland University
146 Library Drive
Rochester, MI. 48309

Office: 546 Mathematics Science Center
E-mail: shaska[at]
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MTH 4775-4776: Abstract Algebra

The course is designed for math majors and it is a first introduction to higher and abstract mathematics. It used to be the main course for training of teachers of mathematics and covers many classical topics such as geometric constructions, solving of polynomial equations, trisecting an angle or squaring the cube, etc.


Detailed lecture notes will be provided in class.


A study of groups, rings, and fields. We will cover groups and rings during the first semester and fields during the second semester.


MTH 3002 with a grade of C or better.

Course policies:

The course will be conducted in accordance to the Oakland University regulations and policies.
Details can be found here

Syllabus: Detailed syllabus will be provided in class.


First Semester: MTH 4775


  • Fundamentals
  • Groups


    Second Semester: MTH 4776

    Theory of fields