RISAT assumes an obligation to advance knowledge through research and scholarship of its members. The Institute's research and scholarship mission takes expression in a variety of forms ranging from basic studies, improving curricula, and active research.  

Communication Systems

Our activities in communications systems lie mainly in digital communications, coding theory and cryptography.  We have an active group of researchers in coding and crypto. 


Computer security and cryptography 

Our expertise in cryptography lies in elliptic or hyperelliptic curve cryptosystems. We are involved in ECC, HCC, post-quantum cryptography 

Our group has received many grants for research in cryptography including running NATO Advanced Study Institutes and organizing other conferences.

Albanian Algebraic Geometry Group

Albanian Algebraic Geometry Group (AAGG ose A^2G^2) është një grup pune me matematikanë shqiptarë në fushën e gjeometrisë algjebrike, dhe aplikimeve të saj në fusha të tjera si teoria e numrave, sipërfaqet e Rimanit, kriptografia eliptike dhe hipereliptike, fizikës matematike, etj.

Computational Linguistics