AIM assumes an obligation to advance knowledge through research and scholarship of its members. The Institute's research and scholarship mission takes expression in a variety of forms ranging from basic studies, improving curricula, and active research.  

Communication Systems

Our activities in communications systems lie mainly in digital communications, coding theory and cryptography.  We have an active group of researchers in LDPC codes. Some of this research, of designing LDPC codes based on extremal graphs is leading the way to some of the very best communication systems available.

Digital Communications 

Our involvement in LDPC codes has brought some very interesting theoretical results and very promising applications.  

Computer security and cryptography 

Our expertise in cryptography lies in elliptic or hyperelliptic curve cryptosystems. We have research groups and implementing groups which are very active in cryptographic applications.  Lately we are exploring extremal graphs for constructing some of the safest cryptosystems available. 

Latest cyberattacks have shown one more time that most systems are not safe.  A small investment to security now saves millions later. Contact us for a complete assessment of your company situation. We discover vulnerabilities and highlight the measures you should take to have a completely safe system. 

Power Systems

We study power systems in particular countries or regions and possibilities of how to make them more efficient.  Some of the projects are: A mathematical model for integrating of hydro, wind, and solar systems, Effective power systems and their impact on the environment, The state of  power systems in the Balkans and the necessity to integrate. Mathematical models are used to determine what is the right combination of different energy sources  considering climate conditions, hydric sources, wind farms, solar capabilities etc.  

Alternative energy sources 


Using different energy sources it is a very important strategy to diversify the system. While different countries have different resources, it is quite important for every country or region to identify such resources and to have a complete mathematical model in order to decide about the best solution. 

Research Groups

Technology Incubators

The AIM Technology Incubator  is a group that supports the translation of innovative ideas into real-world applications.  

Services Provided
  1. Idea evaluation and feedback
  2. Identification of government and other external funding programs designed to translate innovative ideas towards applications and preparation of proposals
  3. Identification of collaborative research partners and external commercialization support programs and services
  4. Research, create and evaluate new technologies
  5. Expansion of networks to accelerate innovation and development of technology in step with commercial demand
  6. Technical assistance for businesses in achieving efficient use of their relevant technologies